Nelleen Rogers Murdoch has worked at Chancellor Chambers with the law firm Simon Rogers Murdoch for upwards of ten years. Prior to this she operated as a sole practitioner and over the years has provided exceptional legal services to local, regional and international clients. Recognising  that a thorough understanding of  client’s business, products and objectives is necessary to   effectively represent  clients, she embraces  communication as a vital asset of her  relationship with  clients.

All client business is conducted with the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and excellence in service leading to deliverables within appropriate time frames and ultimately to client satisfaction.  Through this practice, Mrs. Murdoch has become a trusted and recognized leader in the provision of legal services in Antigua.

Established client base  includes private individuals, small and medium sized businesses and firms, hotel operators, professional partnerships, private companies, public companies, insurance companies, multi-national corporations, banks  and non profit organisations.